• Michalis Papachristodoulou

Driverless cars: An accident waiting to happen

The rapid developments in Artificial Intelligence have already impacted our lives, and more is yet to come as AI can completely revolutionise aspects of life such as driving. The introduction of AI to cars will render human drivers obsolete, reducing accident rates, making driving more energy efficient, and combating the stifling traffic problems that plague most large cities.

The first self-driving cars have already taken to UK roads during trial periods assessing their operation in real life scenarios. While preliminary results are promising, extensive development and preparation is needed before driverless cars become the norm. Driverless cars have already claimed their first victim in Arizona and experts warn that further accidents are inevitable in the process of widely establishing this technology. Liability for such accidents is just one of the legal issues arising from self-driving cars which a law firm might be called to advice on.

This issue will be especially important to Law firms in the insurance market. Motor insurer clients will need to be guided through the developing legal area of self-driving car liability. Product liability claims will affect both car manufacturers and those creating their software. Privacy law issues will also be relevant, as collecting data from drivers will raise concerns of mass surveillance. Law firms must be ready to take a leading role in the development of the law in this area and help their clients prepare for the inevitable establishment of driverless cars.

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